At our Auction 7 – trojak coins of Sigismund III Vasa

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Today’s post will be a large collective post in which we will show selected copies from the upcoming event. The coins that you will have the opportunity to buy are excellent both in terms of the state of preservation and a very interesting typology – often undescribed coins.

Let’s move to Poznań, because with the trojak coins from this mint we will start our journey.
At the beginning, a very interesting trojak from 1588 in an indescribable punctuation variant. The variant with the date in the lower right field. An exquisite mint specimen, appreciated by NGC with the MS62 rating. The second item does not differ from the first one, as it is
a specimen copy for this type of coins from 1597. A variant of the obverse punctuation not described in Iger. The coin appreciated by the highest, among the so far awarded, in the NGC grading – MS65! We definitely recommend it. Finally, an excellent Poznań trojak without a date, an undescribed variant for Iger without a rosette with the ending of the obverse L legend in the high note of NGC MS63.

Let’s move north-east to Malbork, several hundred distant. The mint is famous for its extraordinary care for every detail on the coins and its amazing quality of sheet metal.
The first trojak from 1594, a punctuation variant of the obverse not described by Iger in the mint condition. The second great trojak in the raw AU58 note, a mint specimen with a very nice mint gloss.

Another coin will be from our side, from the mint in Lublin. A very nice copy of a rare variety with Melchior Reysner’s monogram in the dial. A variety with a type 21 bust according to D. Marzęty’s typology. Punctuation variant not described by Iger. A beautiful, mint specimen in
a colorful patina.

We were in the west, north and east, so we were left with the south, which is the very popular Kraków mint. Today we want to show the trojak from 1601, 1603 and the version of the 1603/4 specimen, not described by Iger, all in the circumstantial state of preservation!

Finally, there was the Lithuanian (Vilnius) and municipal (Riga) coinage.
By far the most beautiful representative of these departments is the Vilnius trojak from 1592. Variation with the abbreviation of the royal name SIG. The coin appreciated the second highest, among the so far awarded, in the NGC grading – MS63! The fantastically preserved detail and mint shine are the features that made it possible to obtain such a high note. The next two copies of the Lithuanian coinage come from 1593 and 1595, both in MS notes.
Finally, a trojak in Riga, an unspecified copy of Iger on 6/9 in the year 1596.
What is more interesting, the copy concerns the third digit of the date, not the fourth. Additionally, the coin is in perfect condition!

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