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We decided to devote this afternoon to a non-numismatic feast for the eyes.

Anyone who has been interested in Polish silverware or silver at least a little has heard about Fraget. At first, a small family business, with time it became one of the largest producers of silver and plated products in the entire Kingdom of Poland, and then in the Second Polish Republic. The company’s products enjoyed great recognition all over the world and were very popular, among others, in Russia.

At our Auction VII, apart from the departments known so far, a few silver products will also be present (as an announcement of a separate auction, which will probably be a few words soon), including a wonderful pair of Fraget candlesticks.

Oh, to emphasize their quality and uniqueness – they are silver candlesticks, which in itself makes them quite rare (only cutlery is popular among Fraget’s silver products)

Candlesticks are placed on four-sided, two-part feet, the lower part of which is formed by walls with a grape leaf motif, with bunches on legs. The upper part is formed by a sprung foot divided horizontally with a motif of delicate twigs with appliques in the form of a bunch of grapes with leaves. A vault finished with a four-sided column, under which an interesting decorative thread with four medallions. The quadrilateral body rests on a quadrilateral columnar, with two plates, finished with a small quadrilateral column. The lower plate is decorated with the motif of medallions and leaves with a delicate ornament, the upper plate in the form of a diamond decorated with four applications in the form of a bunch of grapes with leaves. The sleeve in the form of a quadrilateral chalice, based on a quadrilateral column, decorated with a delicate leaf motif. The percussion function is fulfilled by the arm sleeves protruding above the ceiling.

On the side of the foot of the test master Jerzy Sosnkowski from 1891, and the silver punch of 84 goldsmiths (.875) and the double-headed tsarist eagle.

On the foot of the manufacturer’s punch FRAGET and catalog number 2102.

Patina, tarnish. Minor signs of use.

Foot dimensions 14 x 14.5 cm, height 37 cm, diameter at the vault of the sleeve 2.5 cm,
total weight 977 g.

So if anyone wonders what to light candles on warm spring and summer evenings – please visit our auction!




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