At our Auction 7 – rolls of grosz coins

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We stay on the topic of grosz coins. The only difference is that yesterday we touched upon the coinage from the Stefan Batory period, and today the period that is closer to us, that is,
the Second Polish Republic. At the same time, we fulfill the promise made to you a dozen or so days ago by revealing the yearbooks from the upcoming offer

At the next April auction, we will have the pleasure to offer you a considerable rarity, which will be a roll of 2-grosz coins from 1936 in the original band, topped with a roll of grosz coins from 1937, and 2-grosz also from this year in a replacement band – as a result of “destroying the original”. At this point, we have an appeal to you – it may seem strange or obvious to most of you, but ladies and gentlemen, regardless of the degree of damage, NEVER throw away such additions to your assets, because the historical context is irretrievably lost to us.
And if this does not convince you, let the % that you lose convince you.
Because we have no doubts that the roll, the component of which is the original band, regardless of the degree of damage, will reach the final price by several %.
The original band / envelope / card gives uniqueness, each such value is a full-fledged,
intact witness to history, without these additions, we bring such a roll to a perfect material for retail trade, collector’s exchanges, etc. And yet we lack something – a soul?
Such, maybe not a spoon, but a drop of tar in a barrel of honey, which we serve in the morning.


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