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In the morning we showed some of the coins from the silver coin section of the Second Polish Republic, now it’s time to show the grosz coins

It is true that we did not show many excellent coins – Nike, Banners in MS, but it is difficult to show everything with so many positions. On the other hand, some people do not collect silver coins, and in their collection they focus, for example, on grosz or copper coins

Starting with 1 grosz coins, we want to show selected items, which, unfortunately,
will not come, and collecting them in mint states of preservation is also a challenge

Starting from the tiniest denomination, the greatest achievement is the 1930 coinage,
which often achieves high prices at auctions. The coin from our auction is an extraordinary specimen that can decorate many advanced collections. The coin has almost the highest rating in NGC MS66! In addition, the surface is covered with a nice, natural patina.

Lots of great specimens will be up for auction in MS65-MS67 notes and different shades.
There will also be coins without grading, including the beautiful two-grosz coin from 1927,
10 grosz 1923 or the excellent 20 grosz coin also from 1923.

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