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Saturday has come, so we are returning to gold every week. This time Russian gold again. Some time ago we wrote about the gold of Nicholas II, while today we want to propose slightly older coins of Nicholas I. Auction VII will be full of 6 years of five-ruble coins, which can be
a good basis for starting the adventure with gold of Nicholas I.

The first, the oldest, in our offer will be 5 rubles from 1834. A healthy, natural coin with visible traces of circulation. The coins from the years 1844-1847 and 1851 will be auctioned off.
The rarest will be 5 rubles 1844 КБ with initials on the obverse of the minister Konstantin Butieniev, who held his office in the years 1844-45. Over the years, the coins have gained in beauty by refining the obverse and reverse.

The gold of Nicholas I is not a popular gold in collections, first of all, due to the earlier introduction into circulation, these are coins of which there is less in the mint condition.
In addition, due to the fact that they are older, they gain in value – they are less available on the market, which makes them a more attractive collector’s material.

Gold is a good investment material, but the most popular coins of Nicholas II. After collecting most of the varieties and years of this ruler, it is worth taking an interest in older coins
(be it Alexander or Nicholas I), which can be an interesting extension of the collection

Coins of Tsarist Russia, like every auction, will be a strong section of the upcoming event,
and the next coins will be presented next week!


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