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In the morning we discussed the topic of German coins, in the evening we want to show you some foreign coins from different countries. First a few Hungarian coins, and we start with
15 kreuzer of Leopold I from 1684. A beautiful, selected specimen, which has been given the highest MS65 rating by NGC so far! There will also be two thalers from the mint in Kremnica, the first from 1693, and the second from 1783. Nice condition, with no major traces of circulation, we assessed as condition 2 and it is a good choice for people who like slightly
larger coins
Finally, 5 krone for those who collect 20th century European coins

The next section is Swedish coins. At the beginning of 2 marks of Charles XI from the Stockholm mint from 1667, an interesting historical coin in a variation with a small bust.
The second interesting item is 1 Daler from 1777, an interesting typologically interesting item, quite rare on the Polish auction market. A nice copy with a dark, old patina.

There will also be American silver, which is quite rare! At the beginning 1/4 dollar 1914 from the mint in Philadelphia in beautiful, near-mint condition, additionally in a very nice, golden patina. Another coin missing from many collections is the 1877 dollar from the San Francisco Mint. Finally, 3 cents from 1851 from New Orleans in the lowest mintage for this mintage of 720,000, with the second lowest mintage over 5,000,000!

Coins of the Austrian Netherlands are also rare on the market. The penultimate year of this type (1800) from the mint in Milan in beautiful condition will be at our auction on April 11!
Of the typically Dutch coins, it will be the Rijksdaalder from 1620. A nice copy with sheet metal defects typical of these emissions.

Finally, the Parisian Ecu of Louis XVI in a pretty patina for the eye
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