At our Auction 17 – Szóstak coin with an error

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Errors such as omitting a fragment of the legend are one of the most attractive elements sought by collectors, and not only by collectors. Errors of this type are not common on szóstak coins of  John II Casimir Vasa. The most famous is the omission of SEX on the reverse, and not for moral reasons, on the Lviv szóstak coins from 1661. This very rare szóśtak from Ł. Ciura’s collection will also be available in our offer of his collection. However, while working on the catalogue, Ł. Ciura discovered a similar type of szóstak coin, but from 1667 from the Krakow mint. The szóstak shown below has the legend GROS ARGE REG POL 1667 on the reverse and is included in the catalog 667K. (R4 – which corresponds to R6-R7 on the Czapski scale). Interestingly, it belongs to a group of rare Krakow szóstak coins without rosettes at the crown, and on the obverse there is another error and in the name of the king we have CASL, not CASI (the CASL error itself will also be available for purchase at our auction of the Ł. Ciura collection in combination with another, correct reverse). It must be admitted that the number of rarities on this szóstak coin is impressive. Ł. Ciura found two pieces of the Krakow szóstak without SEX, so the Lviv equivalent of this error should be considered much more popular in this light, and it is usually assigned a rarity level of R8 (see Lviv Numismatic Notes). At our auction you will have the opportunity to purchase this undoubtedly unique coin, and since we are talking about the omitted fragments of the ring legend, Krakow engravers in 1667 had exceptional bad luck, which brings joy to today’s collectors. In Ł. Ciura’s collection we also find an error consisting in the omission of REG on the twin issue szóstak shown below. The szóstak identified as 667K. (R3 which corresponds to R4-R5 on the Czapski scale) has the legend GROS ARGE SEX POLO 1667 and belongs to the group of coins with rosettes next to the crown. Both coins, considering the rarity class discussed here, are in very good condition and there will certainly be an opportunity to purchase comparable coins soon.


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