At our Auction 15 – Polish banknotes

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You cannot ignore the offer of Polish banknotes, which we will have the pleasure of offering you on November 12. Typological rarity plus excellent condition for specific issues is what distinguishes many of the items in this offer.

Below are some examples, such as the 1000 mkp 1916 General, which is typologically rare in itself and practically unavailable in the best condition of preservation. When it comes out of the trade with a high grading note (like ours), it becomes an object of desire for many lovers of branded banknotes.

Fans of the Kościuszko Uprising will probably have their hearts beat faster when they see three uncut 10 groszy banknotes 1794, which are in excellent condition, as confirmed by the high numerical grade PMG 64.

20 Polish marks 1919, although it is not the most colorful banknote in terms of color, is a real giant in terms of rarity. The banknote offered by us is the rarest variety, practically unheard of in mintage condition, appreciated with the impressive PMG 64 EPQ grade.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer.


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