At our Auction 15 – Forgery of zloty of S.A. Poniatowski

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A forgery of zloty of S.A. Poniatowski, but in this particular case, from the point of view of today’s collector’s market, an extremely interesting item and, what’s more, in such a perfect condition, extremely rare and desirable.

At our November auction, we will offer you a beautifully preserved Prussian forgery of the Polish zloty, which is also a sad testimony to the era of the decline of the glory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The coin, minted in poor quality silver, appeared in Polish circulation for the first time in Greater Poland on October 15, 1770. According to Frederick von. Schrőter, the counterfeiting of zlotys lasted until 1772, which was also confirmed by E. Bannicke. So we are dealing with only two years of production. Items caught by customs chambers were marked with the mark of the General Hallmark. Uncatched coins were in circulation, as exemplified by the relatively numerous circulating pieces of these coins known from the auction market.

However, coins with such exquisitely preserved details as in this example are extremely rare. The only visible signs of circulation here are a few outdated backgrounds in front of the royal head.


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