At our Auction 15 – Another Prussian forgery

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A few days ago, we presented an excellent copy of a Prussian forgery of a zloty by Stanisław August Poniatowski. That coin was “a lot of luck”, because it was probably not caught by the tentacles of the general probierz and it was not stamped, which could have significantly interfered with the image of the coin.

Today, another edition of the Prussian forgery, but this time with the maker’s mark. Nevertheless, this piece does not detract from the beauty of this numismatic item at all. What’s more, for a piece in such an excellent condition, such a maker’s mark is an added value. This is an absolutely uncirculated semi-gold coin. The coin was most likely sent to customs offices as a model for removing counterfeit coins from circulation.

An extremely rare item on the collector’s market, and in this condition, in our opinion, unique. Worthy of interest for collectors who already have advanced collections of Stanisław August Poniatowski’s period coins. A perfect and unique addition to the collection. We definitely recommend it.

Our November auction is definitely gaining momentum.


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