At our Auction 14 – The auction is open!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we kindly inform you that today we have opened a WORKING version of our auction. We encourage you to sign up and preview the offer.

This is only a WORKING version of the event, which still lacks a large number of items, part of the states of preservation, starting prices are missing.

These components will be completed by Thursday next week, when the auction will be definitively closed and completed, and you will be able to place bids. We also ask our consignors to be patient – your commission lists will be closed on Thursday and the final assignment of item numbers will take place on Thursday.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately, and the most common ones are:

  1. Why are we organizing such a big event?
  2. Will we be able to provide logistic services after the end of the auction?
  3. Will the market be able to “support” more than a week of auctions?

The answer to it is simple.

  1. The event is a measure of the commitment of the consignors. It is really the consignors who define the size of the auction. Apparently, more and more people “like us”, we are recommended by word of mouth and the result is what it is. For our part, we can only say – THANK YOU! You know very well that we do not use dumping %, we do not send invitations to cooperation, we do not depreciate competition. We focus on QUALITY and RELIABILITY and this is our only (probably effective) form of advertising.
  2. Logistics support after the auction – well, we won’t even try to pretend to be false modesty here. There is no other company on the auction market that would be able to “unload” shipments so efficiently. Of course, with thousands of shipments that we send, an accident may happen, an oversight of a payment / message / careless courier… however, we try to prevent such situations from happening.
  3. The market will easily survive – after all, most collectors collect specific sections, if in such a section, instead of 4 hours of bidding, there will be 5.5 hours… let’s agree – it doesn’t matter. These 8 days only look so scary 😉

In any case, without further ado, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the technical part of our event.


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