At our Auction 14 – Poznań ort of John II Casimir

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Due to recent presentations, some of you could accuse us of being biased towards medieval coins. Yes, the offer of denarii or bracteats of the Polish Middle Ages at the September auction will be outstanding, but we do not forget about collectors of Polish modern coinage.

Orts – coins enjoying record popularity. Importantly, interest in them is not decreasing, but growing, due to, among others, the next edition of the catalog of this denomination by the eminent expert on the subject I. Shatalin. It is in this study that the coin visible below is illustrated – the Poznan ort 1652 of John II Casimir.

A coin of extreme rarity, which is certainly lacking in most specialized collections of orts of the last of the Vasas. Tyszkiewicz valued it at 18 mk, Kopicki defined the rarity at R5. On the Polish auction market, the coin was quoted only 5 times over 20 years. Please note the unusual oval shield on the reverse of the coin.

The presented piece stands out absolutely from all other known pieces. In our opinion, it is the prettiest and most beautiful ort 1652 that has appeared on the market in this variety so far. A selected, mint piece, with a beautiful glow and an extremely charming, office patina. A slight undershoot absolutely does not take anything away from its beauty.

Probably the only opportunity to buy such an excellent coin, additionally illustrated in specialist literature.

To the best collections – we definitely recommend it.


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