At our Auction 14 – Denarius of Bolesław the Brave, extremely rare one-sided REX type print, stamped on the reverse

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We had a very big problem with which coin from the upcoming auction to choose as the first one to inaugurate the presentation of items. We knew that we wanted to start with Bolesław the Brave, but problems started already here, because we will have several coins of this ruler at auction, and the entire medieval collection, which we have been presenting quite mysteriously so far in the form of wooden boxes, will be offered in one dedicated day.

Since this is the first king, the denarius must be truly royal. Therefore, it could not be otherwise than to present the piece shown below – the only denarius of Bolesław I the Brave with the REX inscription.

The royal titulary on the coin could indicate that it was minted after the coronation, but the presence of this coin in slightly earlier coin hoards proves that it was minted in the years around 1015-1020. The royal title on this denarius is therefore explained by researchers as the fact that the titles of power in the Latin world had not yet been stabilized in this period, but on the other hand due to the great royal ambitions of Chrobry.

The presented copy is an extremely rare one-sided print of the REX type, stamped on the reverse. The presented piece is the only one known so far offered on the auction market. All other pieces are ornaments of museum collections.


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