At our Auction 14 – Coins from the collection of Dariusz Pączkowski

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At many of our previous auctions, we have offered excellent coins with equally excellent Pączkowski provenance. It will be no different during the upcoming auction number 14. Several dozen szóstak coins and orts from Dariusz Pączkowski’s collection will be auctioned.…/Polska-krolewska-Monety-z-kolekcji…

Dariusz Pączkowski is an undisputed authority on the subject of orts and szóstak coins. A collector, researcher and numismatist, author of numerous articles and specialized studies on this topic. Author of specialized catalogues, including: the Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk orts of Sigismund III Vasa, and recently also published in the Warszawski Pamiętnik Numizmatyczny, a catalog of the Krakow szóstak coins of Sigismund III Vasa.

The upcoming auction will include many beautifully preserved and truly rare szóstak coins and orts. Among the six-grosz coins, the example presented below certainly stands out, with a separated date next to the coat of arms. There is also an extremely interesting value with the SIGS error instead of SIGIS.

Among the Gdańsk orts, the rare one from 1612 deserves special attention. From the final years of issue of this denomination, it is worth paying attention to the piece from 1623 in a rarer variant with a double date – in the u rim above the cartouche.

Collectors of Bydgoszcz orts will also not be disappointed. The years 1621 and 1622 have extremely high, maximum MS64 notes, which is unusual for these issues.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.…/Polska-krolewska-Monety-z-kolekcji…


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