At our Auction 14 – Bavarian two-thaler of Ludwig I (on the left) and a family thaler

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Two beautiful and sought-after coins on the numismatic market – the extremely impressive Bavarian two-thaler of Ludwig I (on the left) and the family thaler, which immediately brings to mind the famous family ruble for lovers of the coinage of Tsarist Russia. Yes, it’s not a coincidence.

Family thaler of Ludwig I of Bavaria. It was this thaler that became the inspiration for the issue of the famous family ruble of Tsar Nicholas I – a numismatic item that is a true white raven of Russian numismatics. While staying in Baden-Baden, one of the Russian princes “brought” the idea of issuing such a coin to St. Petersburg. In 1835, to celebrate the birthday of Tsar Nicholas I, commemorative coins honoring the Tsar and his family were minted.

The Ludwig I thaler presented below is a coin that rarely appears in the trade and is sought after by collectors. Ludwig I himself was an expert and patron of the arts. In addition, he went down in history as the builder of the first railway line in Germany. On many coins issued during his reign, he ordered to commemorate important events from that period. One of the issued coins was the thaler visible below, recommending his family to the care of heaven.


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