At our Auction 14 – An interesting bracteate by Leszek the White from the Krakow mint

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This bracteate is hard to confuse with any other. It can be successfully described as one of the most spectacular bracteats of the Polish Middle Ages. A very characteristic image showing a bust of a man with a beard turned to the right with a raised hand and wearing a Jewish cap. In the rim, an inscription: B’RACHA TOBK. Issue attributed to Leszek the White and the Krakow mint. Coin occasionally listed on the auction market.

A coin with a very interesting depiction, initially interpreted as a scene of prayer. Analyzing the Old Testament, we can read that the Jews left Egyptian captivity “with their hands raised” as a gesture of thanksgiving, freedom and triumph, resulting from entrusting Yahweh and submitting to His will. It may be, after Stanisław Suchodolski, a representation of an Old Testament hero (Moses, Aaron, etc.), especially since the legend (comrade brother) means “good blessing” and is not associated with any specific person.


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