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Time always seems to pass faster on Sunday… but we hope that in the morning you still have plenty of time to do everything planned and a well-deserved rest before the hardships of the next working days!

Unfortunately, we still have to work today, but looking at the timers that will help us not be late for family dinners, it does not cause us too much pain.

Watches are another section that guests at our auction and deserves attention. Today we offer you an overview of some of the mechanical Swiss watches that have found their way to our auction, and there is a lot to keep an eye on!

For starters, we suggest a classic:

Omega is a brand recognized all over the world. A classic choice for both novice collectors and watch enthusiasts as well as those more experienced. Timeless stylizations are perfect for suits, but also more casual styling.

The second such choice is definitely:

IWC Schaffhausen, which is available in mechanical and quartz versions, so it will be suitable for both collectors and gentlemen who value classics and everyday care for the mechanism, as well as those used to the convenience of battery operation

Of course, these are not the only items in this category! Not even the only Swiss watches we have the pleasure to offer at the upcoming auction on June 2!

People who are hungry for more “time” are invited to


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