At our Auction 12 – Two-zloty coins “Woman and Ears”, also popularly known as “Reapers”

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Such two-zloty coins “Woman and ears”, also popularly known as “Zniwiarki” are hard to be found. Beautiful, close to mint conditions, pieces from the mints in London (2 zlotys with a dot 1925) and Paris (horn and torch 2 zlotys 1924).

The denomination was introduced by the reform of January 11, 1924, minted in the years 1924-1925 in mints in Paris, London, Birmingham and Philadelphia. Pursuant to the Act of January 20, 1924, silver coins could be used to pay liabilities up to a maximum of PLN 100. The coin remained in circulation until December 31, 1932, exchanged at the NBP cash desks in 1933-1934.

The coins differ depending on the mint where they were minted. Coins from Paris have the Monnaies de Paris sign – a horn and a torch, and are usually struck worse. The coins from Birmingham have the letter H under the eagle’s paw, and the eagle itself is noticeably thinner than in the case of coins minted at other mints. On the coins from Philadelphia from 1924, the obverse and reverse are inverted by 180 degrees (the so-called reverse); both vintages from this mint do not have any mint marks. London coins have a dot after the year.

By the way, we would like to remind you that we are still accepting items for our April auction. Feel free to contact us.


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