At our Auction 11 – A unique Lublin grosz

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This unique Lublin grosz certainly deserves a separate entry. A unique issue in every way. The first thing that catches the eye is the unusual depiction of the then reigning Sigismund III Vasa without one of the insignia of power – without the crown! It is unheard of and truly unique in Polish coinage.

The presented grosz is a representative of an extremely rare, early and very characteristic issue of this denomination in the Lublin mint. The year 1597 is characterized by a large variety of issues of this denomination in relation to the following year. What is worth emphasizing, the diversity is followed by clear carelessness, which results in many spelling errors, which further increases the diversity. In addition to the portrait grosz, this year also features a type with a crown and inscriptions on the obverse (without a portrait).

In this particular case, we also have a variety not listed on the auction market with the abbreviated date 97 under the crown. A coin known in literature, but even illustrated by drawings by Dutkowski. The second specimen known to us is in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.

It is a rarity worth recommending to the best collections!…/monety-zygmunt-iii-waza…/1530996


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