At our Auction 10 – The deep banner, i.e. 5 zlotys 1930, minted in a very small amount

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The deep banner, i.e. 5 zlotys 1930 minted in a very small amount, is one of those rare coins of the Second Polish Republic, which is missing in many or even most coin collections of this period. The minting with a deep stamp was quickly abandoned due to its jamming. After a certain correction of the image, the minting was started with a shallow stamp.

In order to recognize and distinguish the shallow banner from the deep one as quickly as possible, you should look at e.g. on the eagle visible on the banner. If the clove is directly above its head then it is a deep stamp. On the other hand, if the head is between them, it is a shallow stamp.

The “deep stamp” itself is typologically rare. Our coin of esteem adds a unique, mint condition. The coin was appreciated with the fantastic MS 63 note. Just look at the freshness and sharpness of the image. It’s omething beautiful.

There is also a curiosity related to this coin. It is the only circulation coin from the period of the Second Polish Republic that does not have the issuer’s name: ‘RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA’.


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