At our Auction 10 – Sigismund III Vasa’s Cracow szóstak coins

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During the reign of Sigismund III Vasa, Cracow szóstak coins were a mass issue. They were issued in the years 1623-1627. The huge scale of production means that today they are available on the collector’s market in a very large typological variety. For numismatists who want to create highly specialized collections, these coins are an ideal material for this.

The undisputed authority in cataloging this denomination is Mr. Dariusz Pączkowski, who published a specialized catalog of these coins in issue 9 of the Warsaw Numismatic Diary.

At our next auction, we will offer a further part of the collection of these sixes with a valuable provenance ex. Pączkowski. Moreover, many of the offered copies have been illustrated in the above-mentioned study.

Mention should be made, inter alia, of the years 1624 and 1625 without the denomination “VI”. The offer will also include a very rare variety with asterisks in the ring legend. The variety with the Sas coat of arms in the shield or a very rare variety with the name of the king of SIG instead of SIGIS is certainly interesting.…/sz%C3%B3stak%20zygmunt%20waza…


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