At our Auction 10 – 10 rubles commemorating Adam Mickiewicz, issued by the Bank of Belarus in 1998

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Do you remember 2 zlotys Nordic Gold with the image of Adam Mickiewicz? A small amount of these coins hit the market with an error of missing dash between “200 lecie”. The error was quickly fixed and the batch was released with the correct spelling “200 – lecie”. However, these items that hit the collector’s market today reach very high prices.

We have an analogy to the aforementioned two zloty coin in the case of the 10 ruble coin, visible below, commemorating our poet Adam Mickiewicz, issued by the Bank of Belarus in 1998. According to the declared catalog expenditures, 94 pieces were minted with the wrong date of death – 1854, instead of 1855. As in the case of the two-zloty coin, the error was quickly fixed and the target batch of 2,000 pieces was already minted with the correct date. Some of the wrong coins, however, found their way to the market and became a real rarity, because such errors are absolutely extremely rare. The rarity is evidenced by the fact that in the catalog of Mr. J. Parchimowicz the coin with an error was valued at NOTE: PLN 40,000, while the correct variant without error was valued at PLN 300.

This coin will be offered during our November stationary auction. We invite you to Rzeszów on November 12-13. More details about the event will be announced soon.


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