In November, we will propose a beautiful, mint specimen of the Kraków trojak coin from 1685, the last year of the trojak coins minted during the reign of Jan III Sobieski.

Typologically rare coin, present in auction archives in highly circulating states of preservation – the very fact that this year has never been listed on the portal, even in the second state of preservation, speaks for itself enough.

Obverse: royal bust with a crown, armor and mantle, facing right. Under the bust, there is an initial B belonging to Gotfryd Bartsch – the lessee of the Kraków mint. Legend on the rim:

Reverse: crowned with a high crown with two fleurons with 8 jewels in the rim, simple coats of arms with the coats of arms of the Crown and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Under the crown, the face value is III. Between the shields the mint’s initial – C. The decorative coat of arms with the Janina coat of arms separates the date 16-85 below. On the rim, there is a legend separated by the coat of arms of the Jelita of Treasurer Marcin Zamoyski:

Extremely rare coin in this condition. It will be fully justified to say – recommendable for the best collections.

We invite you on November 22!

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