We decided to devote the beginning of the week to foreign coins. Our offer includes coins from many countries around the world, most of which will be coins from Russia, Germany, Austria and Austria-Hungary.

Among the coins that we want to present to you in today’s post is the excellent 1/4 thaler 1788 from the reign of Francis II. The coin, which has the appearance like an SLR, has a nice patina and a great, intense shine. This copy was recognized with the MS64 rating, which is the highest rating so far. Next to a quarter there will also be beautiful thalers, one of the Archbishopric of Salzburg from the reign of Archbishop Paris von Lodron. The state of preservation can delight the most demanding collectors. A perfectly preserved specimen, where we can see all, even the smallest details, which proves the lack of circulation of the coin. Beauty is added by a nice shine and a golden patina that is pleasing to the eye. The section is completed with the Ferdinand II thaler from the Joachimstal mint.

Among the coins with a very interesting iconography with numerous coats of arms and heraldic signs is the commemorative Maximilian I thaler. This copy is also characterized by a nice old patina and well-preserved detail. The item can be an interesting supplement to the collection of coins of the Teutonic Order.

At the end of the presentation of silver coins, we wanted to show selected coins from the period of the Second German Reich. The two 1877 brands that stand out in this section will surely delight many demanding collectors with their presence. Perfectly preserved detail, great gloss, and additionally a high MS64 grade, which is the highest so far, make it a tasty morsel for those interested in this department. We also remember about people who prefer coins without plastic, which is why our offer includes selected posthumous copies of 3 marks 1909 and 3 marks 1911. Items with such detail and gloss are practically unavailable in the trade.

Moving on to gold coins, our offer includes a coin ducat 1641 from the mint in Zwolle by Ferdinand III, an excellent 100 francs 1934. A copy with impeccable detail and strong brilliance. The coin was minted on the occasion of the Freiburg Shooting Festival. Among the exotic coins, we will suggest, for example, 2 1/2 Pahlalvi 1961 Mohammad Reza Pahlevi from Iran.

The auction starts on November 22 from 10 am! We invite you to register and submit limits.


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