Two ort coins – fakes

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Yesterday’s entry contained a question to which, unfortunately, we did not receive a clearly correct answer – none of the readers, despite the large number of views, definitely wrote – FAKES.

Both orts are the same forgery, with the difference that the second one is a more refined variant for “stock exchange” sale.

What is the difference – basically nothing technically – the disc has a similar degree of refinement, you can see all the imperfections on it, but the replacement of the primitive gray oxide with a delicate satin mixed with brown, adorned with traces of artificial verdigris in the background makes a good impression. Unfortunately, it looks very natural in real life. Of course, the eye armed with a magnifying glass will not have any major problems, but a quick purchase during the fair, where several people look over their shoulder is possible…

Have a nice day without such incidents in the collections!


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