The last day of the auction was devoted to foreign coins and antiques.

One of the decorations in this section was the 100 crown crown from 1913, a beautiful, gold coin with the image of Francis I, the price of which was PLN 30,680! Chinese coins were also successful at the auction, among which 7.2 candareens were highly appreciated, from the starting price of 500 zlotys ‘soared’ up to 11,210 zlotys! Among the many beautiful German coins, one of the most desirable coins was the 2 Bavarian mark from 1911 in the MS65 PF note, sold for PLN 1121.

Moving on to one of the most extensive sections, one of the outstanding coins was the 1752 Elizabeth ruble, sold for PLN 2,596. Among small coins, a fierce fight was at 25 kopecks 1858, finally sold for 1652 zlotys, 20 kopecks from 1904, which very rarely reaches such prices – from the starting price of 40 zlotys, the auction ended at 1180 zlotys. Among tsarist coins, 50 kopecks from 1913 (1416 zlotys) and gold (5 rubles 1888 – 3540 zlotys, 7.5 rubles 1897 – 2714 zlotys) were also of great interest.

With Hungarian coins, a big fight took place on 6 cutters from 1670 (1062 zlotys), and when it comes to Italian coins, the best price was achieved by the rare 5 liqueur from 1911 (3186 zlotys).

From the ancient coins, we decided to distinguish the beautiful Antoniniana, the price of which ended at 496 zlotys, and the Tetradrachma of Philip I (708 zlotys).

You can view all the sold items at this link:

At the very end, we would like to thank the committees and all bidders, both for those who bought something and for those who did not win anything at this auction (we keep our fingers crossed that the next auctions will be more fruitful and we will be able to get something)

At the end, we would like to invite you to watch the site closely, we should soon start showing you the material from our next auctions, and there is plenty to watch!

Best regards, the RDA team


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