Second day of the 11th auction

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The auction of Polish banknotes during the second day of our auction is slowly coming to an end. Soon there will be a section that probably most people are waiting for – coins of Royal Poland.

What about banknotes? The entire podium was occupied by banknotes in PNG grading. This confirms that the best specimens in perfect condition are still highly appreciated by the market and there is no indication that it should be otherwise. Just behind the podium, however, there was a banknote without grading – an excellent, specimen copy of the 20 zlotys 1931 series AB of a rare variety with the height of the letters 2.26 mm. As you can see, not only the best grades in grading are appreciated, but also loose banknotes, if they are the best, are also appreciated in your eyes.

We would like to thank collectors of banknotes and in a few dozen minutes we will start the auction of the much-awaited coins of Royal Poland.


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