Sale of the catalog “John II Casimir Vasa’s Crown Szóstak Coins” – author: Łukasz Ciura

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Ladies and Gentlemen.

In connection with questions regarding the distribution of Mr. Łukasz Ciura’s catalog, we “stick” a link to the numimarket at the beginning of our profile where you can make a purchase directly. We invite you to order, the number of positive reviews and comments from people who have had time to buy it undoubtedly proves one thing – it is a must-have item and worth having every numismatist in the library who is at least slightly interested in the coinage of John II Casimir Vasa. In any case, we recommend it with a clear conscience and for those who are greedy for knowledge, we guarantee 100% satisfaction 🙂


Osoby nie posiadające konta na numimarkecie zapraszamy do zakupu bezpośrednio w firmie poprzez przelew 380 złotych na konto bankowe dostępne na naszej stroniePeople who do not have an account at the numimarket are invited to purchase directly in the company by transferring PLN 380 to a bank account available on our website and contact us by email:

With collector’s greetings.

The RDA team


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