At our 5th Auction – coins of the Russian partition

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In the morning we showed the coins of Tsarist Russia. We also have coins of the Russian partition, which are equally beautiful, although they are not so many. Earlier we wrote about the November Uprising, these coins were put into circulation after it.

The impressive coin is the zloty from 1837. A beautiful, massive eagle, on which we can see almost every wing, beautiful patina and shine, which you can see in the video that we published on our YouTube ( We recommend it for good collections of coins from partitions.

The offer will also include the popular 10 groszy 1840, but in an unpopular, perfect condition. There will also be 5 groszy 1838 with beautiful detail and silver plating, even of unparalleled beauty. Of the groszy coins, we also offer 3 grosze 1838, which have a double-sided ‘ghost’, i.e. the obverse has a reverse and the reverse has an obverse. Very interesting and rare phenomenon.

We must show the decoration of this department, but copper. This is the 1853 MS65BN (MAX) połuszka, which is perfect in retail, and the patina that covers the coin gives it excellent appearance. There is also a great kopek 1855, which was rated MS64, however, already in RB. Were it not for a few patina spots, the specimen would be completely natural to the color of RD. After all, a beautiful plaque.

There will also be a nice kopek from 1860, but unfortunately it was washed out once, which gave it details, however UNC.

Finally, dienieżka! A perfect specimen, with great presence, a completely natural, noble patina, from which the mint gloss shines. A great item to supplement the coins of the Russian partition. We definitely recommend it!

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