Good morning

Ladies and gentlemen. We haven’t spoken for a long time, so it’s time to catch up
We go back to the living and start showing items, because on January 11-15 there will be some things going on!

As part of the 5th E-auction, we have distinguished several specialized sections so far, including:

– collection of ort coins of Sigismund III Vasa
– collection of Polish and and related to Poland półtorak coins
– Jan III Sobieski’s collection of szóstak coins

But it is not everything! Among the sections that will deserve significant attention are also literature, Pomeranian coins, and Polish trojak coins, the offer of which will be very extensive and rich in variants not listed in the Igera’s catalog.

As standard, we have also prepared many coins from the period of the Second Polish Republic and coins of Tsarist Russia, from the smallest denominations to rubles. Everyone will find something for themselves, because we have prepared our offer for both beginners and more advanced collectors.

As we mentioned earlier, it is worth being patient, because in the coming days we will start promoting individual sections, including those that we omit in today’s post on purpose

As an incentive, we throw in a few coins today

Have a nice day!



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