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We are pleased to announce that – just like last year – all our auctions will also be present on two foreign portals – NumisBids i biddr.com !

The current E-Auction 5 is also available there now

The auction will be held January 11-16 at rda.onebid.pl

Session I items 1-582

Collection of Polish and related to Poland półtorak coins
Jan III Sobieski’s collection of szóstak coins
Collection of Zygmunt III Vasa’s Ort coins
Polish Middle Ages until 1506
Sigismund I the Old (1506-1548)
Sigismund II Augustus (1548-1572)
Stefan Batory (1576-1586)

Session II items 583-1206

Sigismund III Vasa (1587-1632)

Session III items 1207-1758

John II Casimir Vasa (1648-1668)
Swedish occupation of Elbląg and Riga
Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki (1669-1673)
Jan III Sobieski (1674-1696)
Augustus II the Strong (1697-1704)
Augustus III Sas (1733-1763)
Stanisław August Poniatowski (1764-1795)
Sets of Polish coins
Medieval coins of countries historically associated with Poland
Coins of countries historically associated with Poland

Session IV items 1759-2409

Polish banknotes
Polish medals
Substitute and military coins
Polish phaleristics
Foreign banknotes
Foreign medals
Foreign phaleristics
Postcards and photos
Varia and accessories

Session V items 2410-3258

Poland under partitions
The Second Polish Republic (1918-1939)
Free City of Gdańsk (1920-1939)
Polish coins between 1939 and 1945
Polish People’s Republic (1945-1989)
The Third Republic of Poland from 1989

Session VI items 3259-4481

Foreign Middle Ages
Foreign coins
World coin sets
Ancient coins


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