At our E-Auction 9 – Varia and phaleristics

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Recent auctions have shown that Varia and phaleristics are very popular among collectors. Invariably, the above sections once again have their strong representatives that we want to present today.

The first item is a Hanukkah lamp, produced in Krakow by the nationally renowned manufacturers Jakubowski and Jarra at the beginning of the 1890s. The products of this company enjoyed enormous recognition, they were exported to almost the entire monarchy and to neighboring countries. Extremely interesting item that can be an interesting complement to the interior of a historic building.

There will also be eagles at the auction. Among the items we want to show, there is the Eagle of the project Cz. Jarnuszkiewicz with the number 3, eagle from 1917, eagle with a smooth amazon shield (Vienna) or a veteran patch of the Haller’s Army.

On January 11, badge collectors will be able to supplement their collections with many interesting items. Among others:
– Badge of the Sapper Reserve Officer Cadet School, Modlin
– Officers’ badge, 1st Communications Regiment, Zegrze
– Badge of the 2nd Communications Regiment, Jarosław – United Engravers – the first number of grants
– Soldier’s badge of the 79th Słonim – Gontarczyk Infantry Regiment
– Badge of the Cadet School, Ostrów Mazowiecka – Michrowski
– Soldier’s badge of the 28th Kaniowski Rifle Regiment – by Bobkowicz, Łódź

The auction will also include various interesting crosses from the 19th century, among them made of gold or mother-of-pearl.

Meanwhile, we wish you a successful New Year’s Eve party and fun until dawn! Until next time in the new year

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