At our E-Auction 9 – Szóstak coins

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There were trojak coins in the morning, we want to show a few szóstak coins in the evening.
A definitely distinguishing item is the 6 groszy coin minted in 1596 at the mint in Malbork, which NGC rated with the MS63 mark. It is a szóstak from the first year of minting, stamped with the small king’s head. The coin is characterized by a delicate patina and mint freshness.

Another interesting and sought-after coin is the Malbork szóstak coin, minted in 1599 with a small ruler’s head. Our auction includes a beautifully preserved specimen with a natural patina.

Finally, three trojak coins minted at the mint in Bydgoszcz. The first one from 1623, undescribed by Kamiński and Kurpiewski, a rare variation with SIGISMVN in the legend of the obverse and POLO in the legend of the reverse, the second, visually excellent specimen from 1626, and the third, well-preserved specimen from 1627.

Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful evening!


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