At our E-Auction 9 – Russian coins

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the auction starts tomorrow from 10 am! On this occasion, we want to show you the second part of the Russian coins. The first part shows the rubles of various rulers, now there will be a cross-section of gold, rubles, poltina coins and kopecks.

The auction will include 5 rubles of Nicholas I from 1843, 5 rubles of Alexander III from 1887, rubles from various years of minting (1816, 1819) and rare ones like 1911 or 1912.

Among the copper coins, 5 kopecks from 1863 (MS62 BN), beautiful 5 kopecks 1780 and 1795, and 4 kopecks 1762 deserve a special mention.

We recommend and invite you to register for the auction. The sooner you decide, the sooner we can accept your participation. Tomorrow it may be delayed due to the ongoing auction.


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