At our E-Auction 9 – Polish phaleristics

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Our auction is not only coins and medals, it is also very interesting phaleristics!

Today we invite you to browse the Polish Phaleristics section, where you will find, among others, extremely beautiful, interesting and sought-after patriotic signet rings (the first in the style of Ludwik Filip, an intricately chiseled silver signet with an interior lined with gold, with a beautiful openwork forehead with an eagle on a golden shield, the second with an engraving with the date of the liberation of Lviv in 1944, the third one on the cross, probably the 2nd armored battalion from Żurawica), a confederate used by the January Insurgents, the shoulder crest with the Eagle of Haller’s Army or an interesting bracelet of national mourning.

There will also be a lot of eagles at the auction, so collectors will have the opportunity to include many interesting items in their collection! We invite you!


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