Ladies and Gentlemen. At the outset, on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we would like to wish the entire company a quiet evening, cheerfulness, a moment of reflection and a lot of time spent with your loved ones. We hope that these few days will be a respite from work and will make everyone stop for at least several dozen hours and take a break from the daily routine. We also keep our fingers crossed that Santa has brought the gifts of his dreams!  🎅🎁

Today we want to show you the coins that best suit this special day, which collectors call biblical coins because of the period and place where they were minted. Judea, 1st century AD. The auction will include coins of, among others, Pontius Pilate, Agrippa I, Antonius Felix and Porcius Festus.

If you want to read more about these coins, we recommend the article by Dariusz Marzęta, which you can find in the link below.…/monety-biblijne-z-czasow-jez…/

With Christmas greetings
The RDA team


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