At our E-Auction 9 – Beautiful coins of the Second Polish Republic

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The excellent Second Republic of Poland will once again appear at the e-auction. There will be both graded coins and excellent items without NGC or PCGS assessment.

As an incentive, we want to show a few selected coins, while the entire offer can be found traditionally on the Onebid platform.

To start with, a wonderful piece of Nike from 1928 in a nice, natural patina. In addition, the uniqueness of this specimen is added by the fact that it was stamped with a clear shift of the obverse stamp in relation to the reverse by about 1h.

The second excellent item that collectors of coins of the Second Polish Republic will be able to add to their collection is 5 zlotys from 1930, the Banner in the MS63 note. A selected specimen with a beautiful mint gloss.

The next item is 10 zlotys 1933 Traugutt, a coin without grading. An excellent specimen with a perfectly preserved mint gloss. A subtle minus for scratches in the background.

The next three coins were 5 zlotys 1934 with an eagle, 5 zlotys 1936 and 10 zlotys 1939.

We wish you a nice day!


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