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We start Thursday with selected Polish banknotes, with great emphasis on the period of the Second Polish Republic, from which we managed to create a very interesting and cross-sectional offer.

Let’s start, however, with one of the oldest Polish banknotes from the Kościuszko Insurrection
4 zlotys 1974. A perfectly preserved copy of the Kosciuszko Insurrection 4 zlotys banknote by Karol M. Gröll. Slight minus for a cosmetic defect in the form of dull left corners. Handmade cardboard paper, cream shade, produced by Fabryka Papieru in Jeziorna near Warsaw. The banknote was in circulation from September 17, 1794 to November 6, 1794.

At the upcoming event, the distinguishing section is Polish marks 1916-1923, which include the following denominations:1 marka 1916 UNC/UNC-
1 mark 1919 UNC
5 marks 1919 UNC-
20 marks 1919 stan 2
10.000 marks 1922 stan UNC
50.000 marks 1922 UNC/UNC-
100.000 marks 1923 2+
250.000 marks 1923 2+
500.000 marks 1923 UNC
1.000.000 marks 1923 UNC-

When browsing the photos, it is worth paying attention to the beautiful designs of banknotes that encourage their collection. Some banknotes in such states are extremely rare, so we encourage you to carefully review the offer!

The offer also includes banknotes of 5 and 10 million marks, as well as trial 5 million marks – the perfectly preserved banknote in a visually impeccable condition, assessed by the PMG, received a very high score of 55, with the note NET for the conservation procedure consisting in securing the tear between the perforation with right margin.

Finally, two interesting banknotes – the first model 100 zlotys 1919. The item is in excellent condition, almost issued, with a small minus for breaking the upper left corner in an unprinted field. A very rare asset, occasionally noted in such a good condition. A variety with low print and perforation.

The second banknote, SAMPLE PRINT, 20 zlotys, 1931, scale 1: 1, one-sided reverse with an allegory of economy, made on thin working paper, color reproduction almost the same as in the issue copy. On the reverse, a stamp of prof. Eugéne Gaspé and the number in pencil.

We cordially invite you to view the entire offer and register on the Onebid platform!


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