At our E-Auction 8 – gold coins from all over the world

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The upcoming event is also full of gold coins from around the world: from Germany, Russia, Austria, the USA, France, India, the USSR and even the Congo, and they were also minted over the years. For example, fanam from India were minted in 1795-1850, and 25 francs with the image of John Paul II in 2008. It depends on you whether you choose older historical coins or newer ones, but minted with newer technology. One thing is certain – everyone will find items matching their own collection Remember that gold can be collected not only for investment purposes, but can also be a testimony to an interesting history of minting a given denomination (e.g. by collecting 5 rubles of different rulers from different years), and also be an eye-catching item, showing not only the value of the metal, but also have a higher value due to good or very good condition

Today, in the post, we only attach photos, while assigning individual coins to countries should be an interesting form of spending time for interested people


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