At our E-Auction 8 – collection of the most interesting medieval and royal Poland coins

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At the end of the day, it’s time for a large collection of the most interesting medieval and royal Poland coins, which will be auctioned on the first day of the auction. We must honestly admit that it was hard to decide, but we managed and we promise that it is worth reaching the end of the list, where you will see a very rare coin of the Teutonic Order!

Let’s experience all these coins again, and tomorrow they will change hands to new ones and hopefully will bring satisfaction and a smile on the faces of buyers

Without extending it, we invite you to the coin inspection and we wish you a pleasant viewing.

PS do you remember riddle of the 5 zloty 1831 from the November Uprising? We officially present the solution – the coin was awarded with a very high MS64 (MAX) score!

PS2 We hope that people who are still undecided or who have forgotten to check the Onebid platform and register for the auction a little earlier, because due to the large number of applications on the auction day, accepting new people may be slightly delayed.

Meanwhile, we wish you a pleasant evening, tomorrow, good luck in the auction of your dream stock!


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