At our E-Auction 8 – coins of Tsarist Russia from the 18th and 19th century

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In the morning we made an introduction to Russian coins because we like to grade emotions.
The evening post, however, should cause a huge pressure surge in collectors of coins of Tsarist Russia of the 18th and 19th century. Phenomenal specimens in extremely rare, mint condition are something we like very much!

If you ask what we mean, please take a look at these półpołtinnik coins!
Excellent, selected items that are worth recommending even to the best collections.
The first of Catherine II from1775, the second from1792, and the third of Elizabeth from 1747.

Relax, we’re just getting started! What else awaits you on September 15? Great 20 kopek coin from 1772 and 1785, griwiennik coins from 1769 and 1771 or the ruble of Peter I.

Going to the nineteenth century, it is worth paying attention to the rubles – 1814, unlabeled 1837 without a slash at the 14/2 sample, 1849 with the old type of eagle, as well as interesting,
semi-legal Russian production of Dutch ducats used for commercial purposes and facilitating military campaigns abroad Empire.

Finally, a few small, but extremely charming coins that can complement many collections

And how do you like it? We hope you do! We invite you to register for the auction and submit bids on the Onebid platform!

We wish you a peaceful evening


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