At our E-Auction 8 – coins of the Second Polish Republic in grading

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Welcome cordially! We start Wednesday with the presentation of one of the most frequently collected and auctioned sections at auctions in Poland – the coins of the Second Republic of Poland. The first post will be for NGC grading coin collectors and those who like to collect beautiful coins, don’t like plastic, and therefore want to get rid of it!

We start the presentation with one of the most sought-after coins of that period, PLN 10 and PLN 20, with the image of Bolesław the Brave. Both well-preserved, the ten zloty NGC rated the MS66, while the twenty zloty MS64.

Another item is one of the most wanted 10 zlotys with the image of Józef Piłsudski from 1938. Despite the dark patina, the coin is in excellent condition, which allowed it to receive a very high mark for this vintage MS63! People who prefer a slightly more delicate patina, we encourage you to look at the coin from 1939, appreciated by the note above, which has a beautiful, intense mint mirror and a delicate mint fluff.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting items in this section is the five-zloty SZTANDAR coin, not recently cataloged in the literature. Hybrid, discovered and described for the first time in 2019 by Mariusz Walendzik, a specialist in coins of the Second Polish Republic.

The obverse stamp was used to stamp the offered specimen, used to mint a “deep” banner with a characteristic double date (during the production of the date stamp it was stamped twice, but not perfectly in the same place).

The reverse, stamped with a stamp typical for the later banner, the so-called shallow with characteristic – wider gaps between the teeth surrounding the reverse drawing.

Undoubtedly, this coin is a missing item in many, even highly advanced collections, and can be an interesting supplement to any collection of coins of the Second Polish Republic.

Staying on the topic of gold coins, the offer also includes a beautiful five-zloty coin with the image of a woman’s head from 1933 (MS63), 5 zlotys 1934 Piłsudski (MS62) and 2 zlotys 1933 woman’s head (MS62).

Finally, we include a few grosz coins that can be a valuable addition to the collection

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