Work on the June auction is in progress, so we decided that it is worth sharing information with you

At the beginning, we would like to propose a medal/coin/historical memento of a well-known and respected collector from Sopot – Amrogowicz.

Our E-Auction 7 has received a specimen of the 5-zloty commemorative “coin” minted at his request according to the design of his friend K. Goetz.

A very rare coin, considered to be minted in a mintage of up to 10, according to older sources.

The coin owes its fame to the image of the Mother of God on the reverse, but also to its second life in 1939.

At that time, the Germans issued a series of medals based on the Amrogowicz coin, however, changing the inscriptions and slightly images, creating a propaganda memento.

Variety minted in silver.

Despite the flaws in the background, it is definitely worth recommending, which can be an interesting supplement to the coin collection of the Second Polish Republic.


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