The Russian partition at our auction will abound in many fantastic and selected coins. At the same time, there will also be several dozen coins in slightly worse condition, which will allow novice collectors to complete the collection.

The mirror of 15 kopecks / 1 zloty from 1832 in the PF63 note is definitely the decoration of the department. A very rare coin, awarded with the second highest rating in the NGC grading, where only one copy was rated PF64. Just look at it!

The second coin that can wake you up in the morning is 5 zlotys 1831 KG in MS61. Beautiful details, patina and shine make many collectors want to expand their collection with it

An excellent three-grosz coin in a beautiful, natural color and with excellent detail will appear from copper, thanks to which NGC appreciated the coin with the MS63 note, which is the highest so far issued for this year!

The auction also included numerous zlotys, two zlotys, five zlotys and ten zlotys.

For dessert, a three-grosz coin from the November Uprising with straight eagle’s legs

We recommend and today invite you to our event, which will once again exceed the barrier of 3,000 items.


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