A week ago we showed a small section of banknotes from the 18th century, today it is time to wake you up before the picnic. Time to present a small section of the excellent coins of Sigismund III Vasa

Szeląg coins, półtorak coins, trojak coins, szóstak coins, ort coins… You will find large amounts of beautiful goods that may soon complement the collections 

Below we present a few selected coins

Ort 1623 MS63, trojak Poznań 1594 and trojak 1597 Bydgoszcz, both in MS62, followed by the maximum scores of individual triples. The indescribable Bydgoszcz trojak 1598 in MS65!
Trojak from the mint in Lublin from 1598 in MS64 and the second in MS65 +!
The next coins are the trojak from the Wschowa mint 1598 MS65MAX, the trojak Olkusz 1598 MS63+ and 1599 in the MS66 note, which is an excellent result for royal coins.
A phenomenal, specimen. Finally, a fantastic grosz coin from the mint in Poznań from 1597,
a variant with a dot after D in the obverse legend, not described by Dutkowski. A coin in a very nice, natural patina with well-preserved detail. The coin received a note in NGC MS61.

We invite you to observe, we will show more soon


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