Coins of the People’s Republic of Poland are experiencing their renaissance! More and more collectors collect circulation coins of that period, collector coins or silver ones. Not only vintages such as 49, 57, 63, 66-70 are gaining more and more popularity, but the greatest interest is currently enjoyed by Mieszko and Dąbrówka in every variety!

Our auction will also feature annual sets, sets of circulation and silver coins. There will be many mint copies, including a small column, fisherman 71, and even fisherman 58 without a rope (invisible lines hanging from the end of the net). The mint error occurred at the stage of creating the stamp, it is not a defect. It is created by pressing the die too lightly on the proper punch. Cultivar not listed in the catalogs of Parchimowicz, Chałupski and others covering this period. So far, the only one listed at an auction in Poland is a coin from the Tadeusz Kałkowski collection!

The curiosities will also include Copernicus, accompanied on the reverse by a ‘ghost’ and an excellent note NGC MS65

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