Thanks to Tadeusz Iger, since 2008, in which he published the book, the trojak coins have been gaining more and more recognition every year and are eagerly included in the collection.

In a word from the author (in Iger’s trojak coins catalog), we can read:

“Since at that time I bought a small, about 100 pieces, collection of 3 grosz coins of Sigismund III, I decided to collect the Polish trojak coins. I was delighted with these coins because on such a small coin the mint master could put a lot of information:
the coat of arms of the treasurer, the marks of the mint administrators and minters, and often their initials and letters indicating the location of the mint. Moreover, the coat of arms of the city issuing the trojak coins will also appear on the city coins.”

It is worth recalling that the author of the catalog initially collected only thalers and coins similar in size and weight to them, but after collecting several dozen pieces, a price barrier appeared and the collector decided to collect smaller and cheaper coins, and at the same time he worked them out in a wonderful way!

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In the meantime, we invite you to watch some of them

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