We are lucky to be able to interact with coins, which are often breathtaking with their beauty.
We had the pleasure to offer you some of them in the form of an auction, but many of them did not see the light of day and after the NGC grading they returned to their parent collections, and both groups have a common denominator – we cannot forget about them

Today’s hero is one of those coins that are definitely hard to forget. A seemingly trivial coin, because a relatively low face value, silver, not gold… but as it usually happens, appearances can be deceptive The offered specimen is simply phenomenal, stamped with a fresh stamp with the appearance of a SLR, the numerical note at the MS65 level does not play a major role here,
it is a cherry on top, a bonus that is not necessary, but since it is there, we fully accept it

The year 1785 is the last one before the change of the mint rate. It is worth mentioning that it is also one of only two with a circulation of less than 100,000. This time we do not delay, because the photos will tell more than our words. We cordially invite you to the upcoming auction,
which will start on January 11 and will last a whole week, and the offer will be absolutely comprehensive.

Have a nice day!


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