We are getting closer to our 5th e-auction every hour. Session IV will include a section devoted to Polish medals and another one devoted to foreign medals.

The first medal we want to show is a rare medal made in Lviv by the famous Schindler’s workshop on the occasion of the Construction Industry Exhibition in Lviv in 1892.
The medal is made in bronze with attention to every detail. The condition of the item is close
to perfect.

Another bronze medal from our auction is from the times of Franz Józef and it is the award medal of the Ministry of Commerce from 1902. On the edge there is the inscription AUSTELLUNG TETSCHEN 1902.

Among the Russian medals, the offer includes a medal for the 100th anniversary of Aleksandrovsky High School in 1911, weighing over 200 grams! An interesting, rare asset on the Polish market.

One of the decorations of the section will be the Patriotic-themed Farewell Medallion of the Army to the Homeland, assigned to Jan Minheimer.

Obverse: a chain symbolically surrounding Poland, in it a view of the crossroads with a chapel with wreaths hanging on it; on the sides of the chapel, three scythes impaled upright
and a banner crowned with an eagle. In front of the chapel, two groups of pilgrims – in one of them  a cavalryman with a lance and two officers, one of whom sits on the base of the chapel and mourns his homeland, in the other a soldier crying in the chest of his companion
and an officer in a Napoleonic bicorn; in the background a row on a horse.

The weight of the medallion is over 2 kilograms!

Other items will include the Medal on the 50th anniversary of the November Uprising 1880,
the Medal of Francis II from 1841, a set of 2 medallions with Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn
and gorgets.

The auction will also include a nice, interesting patriotic diptych with two plaques with the image of Kościuszko and Mickiewicz, probably made at the end of the 19th century in Galicia.

We invite you to www.rda.onebid.pl


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