Literature should be an important element of each collection, but collectors often omit this element in their collection, saving for further coins. Numismatics is a branch of science that requires constant education and expanding your knowledge. The more time a person devotes to a given topic, the better he will be from it and will catch more of the proverbial ‘flavors’. Anyone who is even a little interested in studies and editions on numismatics knows the most popular and most sought-after books or catalogs.

Undoubtedly, one of the most desirable catalogs in the collections of every collector, and certainly three-grosz coin collectors, is Tadeusz Iger’s ‘Katalog trojaków polskich’.
Timeless literature used by most auction houses in Poland, a must-have item on the shelf
of every numismatist!

The second and third very important items are the following studies: Kamiński, Kurpiewski ‘Katalog monet polskich 1587-1632’ (Sigismund III Vasa) and Edmund Kopicki
‘Monety Zygmunta III Wazy’, very good studies with collected denominations, types and years of most coins from the reign of Sigismund III Vasa.

We also have something for beginner collectors. A position from which every collector should start their adventure. Written in plain language and describing Polish coinage from the denarius of Bolesław the Brave to the times of the Polish People’s Republic! Tedusz Kałkowski’s
“Tysiąc lat monety polskiej” is a must have for everyone.

The excellent and sought-after items will also include, among others:

Hutten-Czapski E., Catalogue de la collection des medailles et monnaies polonaises Reprint

Dutkowski J., Suchanek A., Corpus nummorum Gedanensis

Szatalin I., Katalog ortów Zygmunta III Wazy

Sarosiek J., Monety Getta łódzkiego 1940-1944

Parchimowicz J., Monety polskie 1545-1586, 1633-1864

Parchimowicz J., Katalog monet polskich od 1916

Sear, Roman coins and their values t.II i t.III

and many, many others, including a lot of auction catalogs (there will be, for example, a catalog from the Karolkiewicz Collection sale)

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